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Tankless water heaters, also called instantaneous water heaters instantly heat water on demand.  Since there is no standing vessel of hot water that requires periodic firing, tankless water heaters are generally amongst the more efficient options for both residential and commercial use.

A world leader in this category is Navien.  KyungDong Navien (KD Navien) was founded in 1978 and in 1988 KD Navien became the first company in Asia to develop and produce a highly efficient, environmentally-friendly condensing boiler.  This quickly established the company as the leader in the condensing boiler market.  Navien manufactures the world's top efficient, energy saving and CO2 reducing water heating products.

In 2006, Navien, Inc., formerly Navien America, Inc. was established to open new markets in the United States and Canada for parent company KD Navien.  With countless Navien water heaters in the field there is the evergrowing need to maintain the life expectancy of these units.  While the life expectancy of a Navien tankless water heater is commonly 20 years or more, there can be component failure.  The flow sensors, printed circuit boards, neutralizers, blower motors, o-rings, pumps, fan assembly, flame rods, mixing valves and more may require replacing well before the heat exchangers become worn past a useful life. is an online store from an experienced and authorized wholesaler for Navien.  We stock an extensive inventory and our staff is trained to assist in the technical basics.  We can usually ship products the very same day.  Please be aware that products not purchased from an authorized distributor or from certain online channels may not qualify for technical support.  In addition, encourages all customers to register their products with Navien, Inc. so that owners will be entitled to complete warranty support. Register here.


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    30006606A 30010260A 30000663A
    Navien 30006606A PCB BoardNAVIEN 30010260A CIRCULATION PUMP KITNavien APS (Air Pressure Sensor) 30000663A




    30015307A 30008909A 30017405A
    Navien Circulation Pump NCB/E 30015307ANavien Dual Venturi 30017402ANavien Navi-Link NPE Conversion Kit 30017405A




    30015446 100074351 30014451A
    Navien S.H. STRAINER ASS'Y NCB-E 30015446ATAKAGI FLOW SENSOR 100074351 FOR T-K4Navien Circulation Pump Air Vent 30014451A




    30017407A PBCM-AS-001 30014699A
    Navien Navi-Link NHB Conversion Kit 30017407ANavien PBCM-AS-001 Navi Link Wi-Fi Remote ControlNavien WPS (Water Pressure Sensor) 30014699A / 20007924A




    30010261A 30015811A 30004837B
    NAVIEN 30010261A CH CIRCULATION PUMP KITNavien Air Pressure Sensor 30015811ANavien Bypass Mixing Valve 30004837B




    30000456B 30000466A 30010780B
    Navien Circulation Pump 30000456BNavien Circulation Pump 30000466ANavien Circulation Pump 30010780B




    30004827B 30004800B 30012033A
    Navien Cold Water Inlet Adapter (Plastic) / (Copper) 30004827BNavien DHW Flow Sensor 30013685A / 30004800BNavien DHW Flow Sensor 30012033B




    30000405A 30008834A 30004684A
    Navien Fan Motor 30000405ANavien Fan Motor 30008834ANavien Flame Rod Assembly (LP) 30004684A




    30004680A 30008571A 30010537A
    Navien Flame Rod Assembly (NG) 30004680ANavien Flow Sensor NPE/A 30008571ANAVIEN FLOW SENSOR 30010537A




    30011534A 30008333D 30012269A
    Navien Flow Sensor NPE/S 30011534ANavien NPE Front Panel 30008333DNavien Front Panel 30012269B




    30011586A 30000666A 30002475A
    Navien Gas Valve 30011586A Navien GPS (Gas Pressure Sensor) 30000666ANavien Ignition Transformer 30002475A




    30002521A 30007878A 30008171A
    Navien Inlet Water Filter 30002521ANavien Inlet Water Filter 30007878ANavien Inlet Water Filter 30008171A




    30002494A 30004825A 30012581A
    Navien Mixing Valve Transformer (Only Non-A) 30002494ANavien Motorized 2-Way Valve 30004825ANAVIEN 3/4" EASY VALVE KIT 30012581A




    30000619A 30009757A 30009933A
    Navien NR-10PU Remote Controller 30000619ANavien NR-20 DU Remote Controller 30009757ANavien O-Ring Kit 30009933A




    30000670A 30012950A 30000181A
    Navien Outdoor Sensor 30000670ANavien Outdoor Sensor w/ Wire 30012950ANavien PCB Board 30000181A KDC-323




    30000182A 30011690E 30012262B
    Navien PCB Board 30000182A KDC-324Navien PCB Board 30011690E KDC-330Navien PCB Board 30012262B KDC-350




    30008366A 30002491A 30004834B
    Navien Thermistor (Blue Wire) 30008366ANavien Transformer 30002491ANavien WAV (Water Adjustment Valve) 30004834B




    30008245A 30011532A
    Navien WAV (Water Adjustment Valve) 30008245ANavien WAV (Water Adjustment Valve) 30011532A